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Henry’s Fork: Idaho’s famous wild trout fishery

Henry’s Fork, located in eastern Idaho, is one of the most well-known trout streams recognized for its impeccable wild trout fishery. Henry’s Fork maxes out at over 6,000 feet elevation, and has a 1,000 foot change of elevation throughout its …

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Catch more trout with these simple tips and tricks

Trout fishing is one of the most rewarding types of fishing that requires patience, persistence, and a little bit of luck. The reward of hooking up to a trout is always worth the time. As the saying goes, “bigger is better”; and that certainly…

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Best practices to ensure a safe trout catch and release

Practicing catch and release helps protect the future of our trout fishery. The more educated we are about handling and releasing fish the correct way, the longer we can maintain a healthy trout population for generations to come. We’ve gathered a…

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